Smokin' Fish - The Songs

All the songs on Smokin' Fish are written and performed by Christina Snell and Chris Fry ©2019 and produced, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered by Paul Bryant at South Tythe Studios

Paul also provides bass guitar, bass synth, double bass, paino, organ, strings, drums and percussion programming throughout.

Oh and of course a heavy sprinkling of magic dust!!


Dead Rose (2).jpg

A Cold Wind Blows

"A place where love once blossomed
A prefect rose
Now lies abandoned
And a cold wind blows"

This song sings of the aching sadness when love dies in a relationship. 

With beautiful and haunting violin accompaniment provided by award-winning Sarana Verlin, 


The Past

"You can't turn back
The hands of time
The misty glass of memory
Deceives the mind"

Ever met up with someone from your past and wondered if things might have turned out differently between you? Maybe it's best to leave the past where it belongs.

With 'twang' guitar from the magic fingers of Pete Griffin



"He's wailing through the trees Ol' Butt

He's wailing through the trees

Don't touch what isn't your Ol' Butt

These lands belong to me"

We wrote this protest song back in 2010 when the UK government was proposing  to sell of parts of the Forest of Dean and other publicly owned land. A celebration of a landscape that has inspired the likes of JK Rowling and Denis Potter And could there be truth in the tale that Jesus walked those paths during the 'missing years'?

The multi-talented James Slater creates the sound of our angry ghost on his harmonica.


Carpet of Romance

"You do something to me
That's hard to resist
A feeling of excitement
Just like a first kiss"

A celebration of the joy of everyday love.

Dancing violin accompaniment by blossoming talent Raphael Morter

themap (2).jpg

The Map

"You can't go back
And you can't go forward
Stuck like glue
You're caught in a trap"

The pain and challenges of addiction and a message of hope.

Face melting electric guitar from Mikey Demus

beauty (3).jpg

Bowl of Beauty

"In my bowl of beauty
Would be a warm and radiant smile
A random act of kindness
Without avarice or guile"

Inspired by the name of a Christmas pop-up shop in our local town we consider what we would have in our own bowl of beauty

Accompanied by the exquisite and sensitive mandolin of Ian Harvey

SS (2).jpg

Shingle Street

"A land that's been touched by a rainbow's kiss
Echoing with memories lost in time's soft mist
A place where heaven, sea and earth all meet
Travel with me now to Shingle Street"

A favourite place in The Peekies' world. Unique vegetation, a nautical history, memorial pebbles and legends of a German invasion.

More fabulous electric guitar from Pete Griffin

sanctity  (2).jpg

Sanctity of Reason

"In paradise
Made to my device
It was a dream of a life with a lover
And a friend"

Sometimes when you have lived a crazy life you need the grounding force of love to bring you back to reason. 

ancienttree (2).jpg

Silent Witness

"Murder of landscape

Destruction of men

A lost generation 

Who'll not come again"

Written after a visit to the WW1 battlefields in Flanders inspired by an exhibit in the "In Flanders" museum of a tree section with shrapnel lodged within it.

With the mellow sound of the cello played by Pete Mannheim

seat (2).jpg

There's A Seat

"There's a seat

In a hollow

On a hillside

Near a town"

The comings and going of one of those seats you find on a walk. It becomes part of your world whilst you sit on it, then you move on and when someone else sits on it, it become part of theirs.

Frolicking mandolin from Pete Griffin

Lullaby (2).jpg

The Dance Of Life

"Fly like the wind is lifting your wings

Sway to the beat of your heart as it sings

Let those who love you be always your guide

As you're learning the steps to the sweet dance of life"

Written following the birth of one of our grandchildren this lullaby is dedicated to all of them.

cows (2).jpg

Westward Ho

"Carry my soul on a Westward bound breeze

To the hills and valleys of home

Take me back there to the hedgerows and trees

And the commons where cattle can roam"

A song about our beloved Stroud. Home is where the heart is!

More beautiful violin from Sarana Verlin